Learning snapshots

Welcome to our learning snapshots about our engagement with the GoWell Panel.

These snapshots accompany a briefing paper, and they are for the following audiences:

  • Citizens, volunteers and staff in community organisations
  • Public sector staff who work with communities
  • Researchers who involve communities in their studies, from action research to more traditional programmes


When we shared our learning from working with the GoWell Panel, we received requests from communities, public sector staff and universities to explain our work in more detail. Specifically, we were asked how we recruited the Panel and how we put best practice and methods into practice, like co-production.

In response, these snapshots aim to provide practical insights into the types of approaches and methods we used with the Panel. Each snapshot describes how each method was used and what we learned as a result.

The snapshots are short – most of them are one page – so that they provide easy and quick access. They contain links to the standards and toolkits that we used so that you can find out more information about them.

These snapshots also aim to capture practical know-how and learning that may be transferrable across third, public and academic sectors.

Alongside the snapshots, there are also three reports from our workshops that were co-designed with the Panel to share their learning with their local groups. The purpose of these reports is to share the learning beyond the groups who attended these events.

Download the snapshots as PDF documents:

Experiential learning
GoWell Panel advert
Knowledge exchange
National Standards for Community Engagement
Panel approaches and achievements
Panel good practice
Panel Place Standard
Pragmatic opportunism
Rapid assessments