Nested studies

Earlier phases of GoWell included a number of nested studies which comprised evaluations of projects funded under Glasgow Housing Association’s Neighbourhood Regeneration Programme, operating in a number of our study areas. These are described below.

Environmental Employability (Community Janitors) Programme

This study evaluated the Environmental Employability or Community Janitors Programme which helped local unemployed residents into employment through paid training, doing a range of environmental maintenance jobs, combined with skills and qualification development and support to move into employment. At the same time it provided an environmental service to the GHA’s Local Housing Organisations (LHOs), helping them respond to and manage local maintenance issues.

The evaluation considered outcomes from the commencement of the programme in 2006 to end-March 2008 and overall was very positive. The training and employment targets were not only met but significantly exceeded with 346 training places being provided and 205 trainees getting jobs (many of which had been unemployed for some time). In terms of environmental outcomes, 48,849 tasks were completed including de-littering, sweeping paths, weeding, grass cutting, hedge trimming and uplifting bulky items.

Trainees were positive about the programme, feeling it was worthwhile and appreciated by the local community and a good way of getting back into work. LHOs also spoke positively about the programme, and felt the community janitors were a valuable asset in helping them addresses environmental problems.

Download the Environmental Employability Programme: Final Evaluation Report.

Play Areas Audit

This study involved assessing the effects of GHA and Glasgow City Council’s Joint Play Area Improvement Programme for 2006/07 and focussed on a selection of play areas. Before and after audits were carried out using a checklist and photographs to assess aspects such as safety, aesthetics, graffiti etc. Interviews were conducted with local housing organisations (LHOs), and focus groups with residents and parents living near the play areas (conducted by Hexagon Research and Consulting), along with an assessment of the impact on local children (conducted by the TASC Agency).

Download the full evaluation report: GHA GCC Land Services Joint Play Area Improvement Programme - Evaluation of LHO and Residents Views.

Download the report on the consultation with children and young people: An evaluation of play parks and multi purpose play areas - A consultation with children and young people in Glasgow.

Youth Diversionary Project

This study evaluated a selection of youth diversionary projects operating across Glasgow which aimed to provide alternative activities to young people at risk of engaging in antisocial behaviour, and to improve community safety. The evaluation focused on three projects assessing the impacts on young people’s behaviour, local residents’ perceptions of community safety and cohesion, local organisations, and levels of antisocial behaviour and crime.

Information was gathered through interviews and focus groups with stakeholders, project participants (young people) and residents; and through analysis of project records and secondary data (e.g. Police data).

One of the projects evaluated provided supervised sport and other activities to young people. The project was viewed positively by the young people involved, project staff, local residents and local stakeholders such as the Police and LHOs. A number of people reported a reduction in antisocial behaviour and gang fighting, an increase in community safety, and improved relations between young people and local Police. 

Download the evaluation report here.