Evidence given to the Local Government and Regeneration Committee

Tuesday 26 January 2016

On Wednesday 20th January 2016, Ade Kearns appeared before the Scottish Parliament’s Local Government and Regeneration Committee in Edinburgh.

The Committee has a remit to examine the funding and delivery of local government, public services, planning and regeneration, and issued a call for evidence in November 2015.

Principal Investigator Ade Kearns responded to the Committee’s call for evidence, in light of the fact that the GoWell programme has much learning to offer based on our research into regeneration, empowerment and disadvantaged communities over the past decade.

Our written submission to the Committee made recommendations in three key areas:

• Community empowerment
• The delivery and monitoring of regeneration
• Mixed and diverse communities

Read our written submission and recommendations to the Committee (PDF). 

In addition, the meeting of the Committee provided an opportunity for members of our community panel to attend the session to see how research from the GoWell programme goes to inform policy and practice. Panel members will be writing about the experience in a forthcoming article.