Residents’ perspectives on mixed tenure communities

Thursday 6 February 2014
Lyndal Bond, Martin J McKee, Elena Sautkina, Ade Kearns, Carol Tannahill, Jennifer Cox

This qualitative study of residents explores owners' and social renters' perceptions, views and experience of living in three mixed tenure neighbourhoods in Glasgow: Castlemilk, Drumchapel and the Gorbals. The report presents findings comparing and contrasting residents' experiences with respect to the three estates and in terms of the configuration of tenure.

Many similarities between owners and social renters living in the thee estates were found but also some clear differences, especially between the Gorbals and the peripheral estates. Incremental regeneration as experienced in the peripheral estates appears to have been less successful than the more radical ‘purpose built' regeneration experienced in the Gorbals.

Mixed tenure is generally perceived as positive by residents and they see many benefits of living in their neighbourhoods and appreciate the improved housing and neighbourhood environment, but they recognise that new housing and improved environments do not address many problems in these estates.