Policy-maker and practitioner perspectives on mixed tenure communities

Wednesday 29 January 2014
Martin J McKee, Lyndal Bond, Ade Kearns, Elena Sautkina, George Weeks

This qualitative study compares and contrasts the development of mixed tenure in three localities within Glasgow (Castlemilk, Drumchapel and the Gorbals), each having been changed in different ways to become mixed tenure areas over the past 20 years.

The study explores issues with professionals and practitioners who were involved in the development or management of the estates over time.Tenure mixing in these three communities appears to have contributed to some extent to improvements in housing and wider environmental conditions, improved area reputations, and sustainable communities. 

However, these outcomes have not been attained equally by all three estates. Further, it was clear from participants in this study that policies and activities that provided better housing as well as policies aimed at producing mixed tenure communities were necessary but not sufficient to improve the health and wellbeing of the residents.