Community and neighbourhood change in GoWell Wider Surrounding Areas

Tuesday 22 August 2017
Louise Lawson and Ade Kearns
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Major regeneration projects can affect nearby areas due to the removal of some local amenities while demolition and redevelopment takes place and through the relocation of residents from buildings that are cleared in the regeneration process.

This report looks at how local residents have experienced neighbourhood and community change in areas surrounding two of Glasgow’s Transformational Regeneration Areas (TRAs). Qualitative research involving in-depth interviews was conducted in the Wider Red Road and Wider Scotstoun areas, close to the Red Road and Kingsway Court estates. 

Key differences were found between the two areas in respect of views of local services, ethnic diversity and community empowerment.

While most participants felt the Wider Red Road area had declined over time in terms of shops, parks, primary healthcare, and public transport, in Wider Scotstoun most services and amenities in the area – particularly public transport, primary healthcare, leisure facilities and parks – were viewed positively in terms of their availability and maintenance.