Entering & leaving employment in deprived neighbourhoods

Thursday 22 November 2018

Our new research uses longitudinal survey data to examine movements into and out of employment for people living in deprived areas of Glasgow with concentrated worklessness and subject to area regeneration.

This enabled us to study the effectiveness and appropriateness of regeneration programmes which have shifted from a property-led approach to a holistic approach, with the potential to address a range of factors associated with employment.

There were modest net gains to employment over time in the GoWell study areas, and such gains were positively associated with traditional elements of regeneration such as housing improvements and community empowerment.

However, other components of regeneration assumed to aid employment, such as social networks and participation in training, were found to have no effect.

Other factors that were associated both with entering and leaving employment feature less frequently within regeneration programmes and require more integration into future approaches, particularly increasing physical activity among populations, helping people cope with physical and mental health issues, and improving transport and mobility.

The full article is freely available online:

Entering and leaving employment in deprived neighbourhoods undergoing area regeneration
Kearns A, Mason P.
Local Economy 2018. DOI: 10.1177/0269094218795595